Monday, September 28, 2015

Book in a Box.........For Mixed Media Place

It's still going....that little book in a recycled box. There are now 18 pages.
This is where I finished last time.

.......................and here are the next seven pages, created with different mixed media and some happy family snaps. I've tried to keep the colours and techniques consistent, using the same stamps and stencils throughout, so the pages "flow".

A full list of materials can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place and can be purchased on line from the Mixed Media Place store HERE.
Thank you for dropping by. Wishing you a wonderfully creative week and may all your projects get completed.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Through Different Eyes.......For Finnabair Creative Team

You would be heartless to not be moved by the inhumanity that is taking place across Europe. Thousands of people fleeing the terror and violence in Syria. Leaving all behind. Left with nothing, and no where to go. I wish I could see the world through "rose coloured glasses", where everything is good. I want to see a world that is free of all inhumanity. My page is reflective of this idealistic dream.
I have used a lot of "steps" or processes to make this page, but none are difficult. You can find a step by step tutorial of how I've created this page HERE on Finnabair's blog            

Some of the techniques used are:  wet embossing, dry embossing, stamping, collage, image transfer, stencilling with modeling paste and embossing powder.

I have used Finnabair's beautiful Mica Powders to colour chipboard, metal and the butterflies.

Ecoline watercolor gets absorbed by wet modeling paste applied through a stencil.

A full list of all materials used can be found HERE on Finnabair's blog and can be purchased on line from her shop HERE at Mixed Media Place.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Enjoy your weekend and your freedom.
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Monday, August 31, 2015

"Midnight Blue" and some "Layering" .

Hello. Time for a catch up. Time seems to be whizzing by and I have two projects that I would love to share. The first is a little canvas where I've tried to channel Finnabair with her wonderful textured backgrounds and beautifully and creatively layered "junk"and metal elements......I have a long way to go ( just as well I'm taking one of her classes when she is here in Australia in November ), but it is so much fun to work in her style. Details of this project can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place.
My second project is an art journal page, created for Finnabair's Spread Your Wings Academy. Each month some of the Creative Team work on some simple tutorials showing a specific technique. This month it was "Layers" and I chose to show how you can create layers with "wet mediums". More details of this project with the step by step tutorial can be found HERE on Finnabair's blog.

"Midnight Blue"
The colour of this was achieved by firstly coating everything in black Gesso, then a coat of Silks Acrylic Glaze in "Boysenberry", touched up next with some Pink Mica Powder and lastly dry brushed with Inka Gold in "Silver"

"Everything Changes"
Art journal page working with layers of wet medium. Including art basics gesso both white and clear, waterproof ink, acrylic paint, Copic markers, art extravagance Texture Paste, art basics Modeling Paste, Distress Spray Stains, Izink pigment ink, Gelatos, waterproof black marker pen and Color Bloom Spray Mists.

All the materials used for these projects can be sourced from HERE at Mixed Media Place Store.

Thank you for visiting ! Have a fun and creative week.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Finnabair Art Recipe....For Mixed Media Place Creative Gym

If you are a follower of Finnabair, you will know that she regularly makes a post using a "recipe" that she has devised using all her wonderful mixed media products.
The Creative Gym Challenge at Mixed Media Place this month is to make a piece of work using one of Finnabair's Art Recipes. Her recipes have very clear, step by step instructions, so it's not difficult to follow and I found it so much fun and very relaxing because I didn't actually have to think about what to do......Finn had already done it for me.
If you are new to mixed media, then following one of Finnabair's recipes is a great place to start.
Details of this month's challenge can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place
This is my art journal page using Finnabair's "recipe"
Here is the link to Finn's recipe

I started with 2 old book pages. Added washi tape, cotton tape and "lace" tape. Then gave it all a coat of art basics White Gesso.

Next, just like Finn's recipe, I used art basics Modling Paste through the Harlequin Stencil, let it dry then used a second stencil, "Alpha" over the top.
Finn added lace to the bottom of her page, I have added more washi tape and some stamping instead. I added colour using Distress Spray Stains.
I cut out my photo, stuck it down then high lighted around it with white gesso. Next I added some more depth of colour with Gelatos. Applying it and then rubbing it into the textures with my finger.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great creative weekend.....maybe give one of Finnabair's art recipes a go.
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Monday, August 17, 2015

"Tick-Tock"........for Finnabair Creative Team

Time.....such an intangible force in our lives.
Steve Jobs said, "My favourite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time"
Finnabair's large metal watch from her Mechanicals Collection inspired my thoughts on time and led to the creation of this little 15x15cm piece.

I've worked on a cradled timber panel; it's perfect for collaging onto because it's hard, solid and smooth as opposed to canvas which has a bit too much "give" in it.
I've used Finnabair art basics black Gesso, Soft Matte Gel and 3D Matte Gel, Mica Powders and Metal Mechanicals.

There is a step by step tutorial of my process HERE on Finnabair's blog.

A list of products and materials used is also on the Finnabair blog and they can be purchased HERE, from Mixed Media Place.

"How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?"
                     Dr. Seuss

Thanks for taking the time to visit.
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just "Be" journal

I'm still playing with patterns and's a little peek into an art journal where texture paste and dry embossing are the focus.

I adore colour but it got a bit away from me, especially the pink through the middle. It's not meant to be there, it bled through from another page....a reminder to run a piece of masking tape down the centre of every page you're working on to stop "spinal bleed". 
No problem really, art journals are meant for happy accidents.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope your week has been full of fun, full of colour and happy accidents.
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just Create.......Mixed Media Place

A lot of the time when I 'create' a page, a layout, a journal page or an off the page project; I do not have a clear picture of how that project is going to end up's the 'process' that I love. A lot of what I do is experimental so I really am just 'winging it', lets see what happens, just create.

I love working with faces and I love pattern. This was an experiment to see how an image transfer face would look ( or even work ) applied over the top of embossed card. The results are subtle but can be highlighted with ink and paint.

Metal elements were used to frame the face and painted with Finnabair's beautiful Mica Powders.

Layers of texture and pattern

If you have an idea, just run with it, just create and enjoy the process.
There is a step by step of the process HERE at Mixed Media Place and a full list of all the products used which can be sourced from HERE at Mixed Media Place Store.

Thanks for visiting. Have a happy and creative weekend.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mixed Media Place......One Word.

Think of a word.....any focus on that word and create......anything.
This is the challenge at Mixed Media Place this month.
Word association is a fantastic starting point for creativity. When you focus on just one word, all sorts of ideas, images, memories, experiences and emotions start to form in your mind.

With out getting too "deep and meaningfull" I love the word "dream" and all it can mean. It is a word very closely connected to "hope". Hope is that little spark deep inside us that keeps us going, even during the darkest of times, and allows us to 'dream' of the things we want in our lives or we want for our lives.
 The ballerina is used as a visual symbol..........doesn't every little girl dream of being one, their movements are so graceful, soft and flowing, as in a dream and, dancing is movement choreographed to a rhythm. Life has it's rhythms, and we move and respond to them accordingly, and, while dealing with all it demands of us, we must continue to remind ourselves............"don't forget to dream".
To not "dream" is to be hopeless.
Finnabair's white crackle Texture Paste has been used for texture and Silks Acrylic Glaze has been used for colour.
Finnabair cling stamp "Don't Forget To Fly", washi tape and some rub-ons.

A full list of supplies can be found HERE at Mixed Media Place and of course sourced from HERE at  Mixed Media Place Store.

Thank you for visiting. May you dream often, and may the important ones come true for you.
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finnabair Metal Bird House

This is the cutest little metal birdhouse and it has been so beautifully decorated by so many people since Finnabair released it.  Not really being a "flower" person I saw it with a more "industrial" eye, and so used lots of Finnabair mechanicals, a little angel, some chipboard and some cardboard "inner tubes" from cling wrap rolls.

The 'metal' drums were made from cardboard inner tubes

Black Gesso, Soft Gloss Gel, Mica Powders and embossing enamel were used to get a 'metalic' look.

Graffiti images pasted onto the walls.

Just an old junk shed.

With some eerie secrets.

More details and a list of materials can be found HERE on Finnabair's blog and all materials used in this project can be sourced from HERE at Mixed Media Place.

Thanks for visiting today, have a happy and creative weekend.
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