Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mixed Media Place.....A "Try-out Practice Journal"

Way back in November of 2010 I took this photo of my art journal. I didn't call it an art journal then, it was just called my "left overs book", and it was filled with anything I felt like playing with at the time..... stamps, inks, left over bits of pretty paper, pieces of ephemera. I didn't write in it; it was just a place to "explore creative processes".
I've made, but never filled, a few Art Journals since, but the one I love working in most is the one that sits next to me every time I create a specific page , canvas or DT project. I call it my "try out-practice" journal. If I'm not sure of a colour of ink, paint or mist or the texture of a medium like gel, texture paste or molding paste, I'll give it a little try in this journal first. If it looks wrong or doesn't give the effect I am looking for, no problem, I haven't messed up my page........yep, I do like to have 'some' control over my work, even tho I embrace 'random' and 'accident' as well. So different bits of medium and colours get added to this journal page as I concentrate on my main project.
 When the main project is done, I'll go back and have a look at what's on my practice page in the journal. Sometimes it's just a mess; but often what's there can inspire an idea, and this is what I love about it....something that you have made without any conscious thought or plan can excite, motivate and inspire you, and you go on this happy, creative journey that you never planned on. I know that sounds kind of 'wanky' but for me, it's just fun, and freedom with no pressure or expectation.
Of course this is not an original idea of mine....Donna Downey is a master of this with her amazing "collage journals".
So, instead of trying out different ideas and media on scraps of paper that you then throw away, do it in a journal.....you never know what that "practice" page will inspire in you.
This crazy page of the witch and a tea bag came about by way of a project I did for Finnabair.

I was very unsure about the colour mists and stencils I was going to use for this page, so I had a little practice in the journal first. Also I was not sure about how the tea bag and beads would look so, again, the journal became my handy testing ground. 

You know the other great thing about a "try out practice journal" ? It totally eliminates the intimidating "where do I start" horror of a blank white page.....with out really knowing it, with freedom and abandon you have already started your page. Let it guide you and take you where it will...relax, enjoy the ride. Make it as fun or as serious as you want, it's your journal....express yourself.
Make yourself a brew, play with your mixed media, let your imagination fly loose and make some art.

If you are still hesitant about making a start in a journal or on a page, check out Finnabair's blog HERE where some of the Creative Team give their tips on "where to start".
As always, thanks for visiting and have a creative week.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mixed Media Place....Creative Gym #8.....Drawing

I can't draw....said with hopeless resignation. So many people say this. I can't draw either, not like the 'Great Masters', say like Leonardo da Vinci or Raphael. Not even like two of my favourite artists, 

Del Kathryn Barton

Ola Liola

BUT, I can make marks on a page, I can draw lines and shapes, I can look at something and draw a line that represents what am looking at (copying), and so can we all. 
 I WANT to draw, I love the process, it doesn't matter how it looks in the end.
I'm talking about this because our next Creative Gym at Mixed Media Place is drawing or doodling, playing with pencils, pens or crayons.
You do not have to be "able" to draw, to draw !
Just have a go, and the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become with the process and,  you might even "enjoy it".
I love to draw eyes, so here is an art journal page with "eyes" as the focus and how I did them.

1) Lightly draw the eyes with pencil
2) Add some colour around the outside of the eyes.
3) Blacken in with pen or paint the darkest areas.
4) Use a white Posca Pen or white paint and draw eye lashes over the black areas.
5) Add more fine feathery eye lashes with a fine tip pen.
6) Finished eyes staring out of the page.
I used an image from a magazine to copy from for these eyes.

I added on some collaged elements, some doodling, some stamping and some hand writing.

Thanks for visiting, have a great week and next time you're sitting, doing nothing, pick up a pen, pencil, biro, crayon and just draw.
Visit Mixed Media Place HERE for some more "drawing" inspiration.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finnabair Creative Team...........Fragments.

I love working with faces......drawing them, painting them ( tho I'm not very good at this, but will keep practising ), collaging them, altering them, using them any way I can. My other love is pattern...so I've gotten carried away with a face and some hexagons; along with some metal and beautiful Mica Powders.
This page was created for the Finnabair blog as part of her Creative Team.

Like this face I sometimes feel "fragmented", not 100 percent together.
The metal details were all gessoed first and then painted with Mica Powders mixed with a little water.
There is white crackle paste, gesso used through a stencil, stamping, embossing, Distress Stains and watercolour paint used. 3D gel medium has been used to stick every thing down.
A lot or the metal details are symbolic....like the key next to the mouth. I know I am too outspoken and I wish sometimes I could lock my lips shut !
More detail of how this page was put together can be found on the Finnabair blog HERE.

Mica Powders used to colour metal pieces. White Crackle Paste for texture. Chipboard coloured with Distress Stains and embossed with Aged Silver Embossing Enamel.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stamps and Flowers................Finnabair Creative Team and Prima

Stamps and flowers...........I love to use both in my work, so when Prima suggested a post using Finn's stamps and their flowers I was in. I need to explain tho that 3D type flowers are not really my thing. I have so much admiration for artists and scrapbookers out there who seem to be able to effortlessly arrange a multitude of amazing flowers on one page.....combine them beautifully with their photos, images and other embellishments. I love 2D flowers; drawn, painted, stamped, collaged or stencilled.
Prima make beautiful floral patterned paper, so my flowers are collaged.
I also love working in art journals and lumpy 3D flowers are not really suitable for this format.
I've used stamps from Finnabair's Tea On The Deck Set. I love the beautiful little tea cup and plate.

The images were stamped with permanent ink and then painted with water colours, cut out and arranged on my page.
 The background was misted with distress stains and a couple of the Prima "Frilly Lace" doilies stamped and embossed. Tea cups and doilies always go together. Pretty paper flowers from Prima's Romance Novel Range, and the lady sipping tea is an image transfer.
All stamps and mixed media used in this project can be purchased HERE from Mixed Media Place Store
Thanks for visiting today ! May none of your days be "bad" this week; but if they are , you know what to do.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Two Ways With Colour.........at Mixed Media Place and paperDVIZHNIK

Oh my goodness........THREE different projects posted in less than a week ! This is a record for me, I take things pretty slow and steady here but it's always good to be productive.
First up is the new Creative Gym Challenge at Mixed Media Place blog......."The Power Of One".
Use 1 stamp, 1 stencil and 1 colour + black and white.
 You can play with any amount of media, paints, pencils, pastels, inks, ( in one colour ) pastes and gels, papers, fibres, beads and embellishments. All the details are HERE at Mixed Media Place.
Teal blue was my colour choice and I have created a tag using bold patterned paper and some beautiful detailed chipboard.

It started out like this....black and white patterned paper and scrunched up tissue.

I used a beautiful Finnabair stamp from her Trust The Magic set, it's so intricately patterned, and embossed it. Added a few strips of teal coloured patterned paper, some washi tape and some 3D Matte Gel through a stencil and coloured it with Distress Stain.

paperDVIZHNIK have a new challenge up as well..........
The property of a colour can be used to create the illusion of depth, ie. rich warm tones in the foreground and cool tones in the distance.

Paint, stamps, texture paste. The stamps used on this project were designed by the very clever Georgia Heald, her blog is here. All the details on how to play along with this challenge can be found HERE at paperDVIZHNIK.

I hope one or both these projects takes your fancy and you will come and play along.
Being 'challenged' creatively should never be daunting......it should be an adventure and definitely fun !
As always thanks for visiting.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ode To Finn..............Finnabair Creative Team

There are some creative souls in the art, mixed media, art journalling and scrapbooking world that truly inspire me.
Finnabair is one of them.
I love her style, I love her techniques, I love her products, I love her creative philosophy, I love her positive energy and I love her humility.
I know I'm on her Creative Team and of course I'm meant to say nice things. This is not a "suckup". Even if I were not on her team I would still be saying the same things, and I'm sure there are many, many, people who admire her as I do.
So, I thought I would make a page about her.
I know she loves to drink tea and uses tea bags and tea stains in her work. So, I popped Finn in a tea cup, gave her some 'mechanicals' wings and a crown, filled a tea bag with her glass beads and splashed some black tea stain onto my page.

A detailed product list is on the Finnabair Blog HERE.
All products used including Finn's beautiful Cling Stamps, and Mica Powders can be purchased from Mixed Media Place HERE.

Thanks for visiting today. Wishing you a creative week and inspiration in abundance.
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mica Powder........Finnabair Creative Team

Pastel colours with a 'Spring' feel.....not really my style, but, show the versatility of Mica Powders, now that's just a whole lot of fun.
Little pots of the finest, softest, shimmery coloured powder.
Mix it with water on a craft mat and paint it on to any surface (metal needs to be primed first with gesso).Put it into a mister and spray it through stencils or onto a stamp and stamp with it. Sprinkle the powder dry onto your project then mist it with water. Mix it with texture pastes and gels.
Check out the Prima post HERE for the gorgeous projects created by Finnabair's Creative Team for Prima.
Mica Powder three ways. Misted on through a stencil, stamped on and mixed with modelling paste and applied through a stencil.

"Exploding Spring Hat"

Mica Powders, Sunrise Sunset "Doily" Stencil, Elementals "Mechanica" Stencil all available from Mixed Media Place Store HERE.
Thanks for visiting.
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just One Product.....Finnabair Creative Team

You know how Finnabair has an amazing range of products she has designed from, papers, to metal embellishments, to gels and pastes, to stamps and glitter and glass beads, to stencils and crackle medium ? Well, if you could choose just one to play with, which one would it be ?
 That was our task....create something focussing on just 1 product.
 I chose "stamps" ! 
How could anyone not love Finnabair's stamps, especially her new range of Cling Stamps and the smaller, textural range of Clear Stamps.
Stamps work just as well on cloth and primed canvas board as they do on paper.
I stamped with Archival Ink, Distress Ink and Embossing Ink. 
Then I added colour with Water Color Pencils and embellished with Finnabair Glass Beads and Micro Beads and 'ballet costume leftovers.'

Cloth, art basics White Gesso, Cling Stamp Set "Don't Forget To Fly"

Visit Finnabair's blog HERE to see what beautiful creations the rest of the team have come up with when allowed to choose just 1 product.
All products used in this project are available from Mixed Media Place Store HERE.

Thanks so much for visiting. Hope you have a happy and creative weekend.
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